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Serene vs. Liz

Time/Size: 20 min / 492 MB

Liz Ashley has been begging DT to give her a rematch against Serene Siren. Liz was crushed by Serene in their last meeting. Liz can’t let that stand. She has to show Serene that she “is the baddest blonde at DT.” The ladies finally have their rematch. They each sport natural blonde hair and black lingerie. They waste little time before getting to fight. Both women grab each other by the hair and yank ferociously. Liz and Serene fall haphazardly onto the couch. Serene mounts Liz and rips her black lace bra off. Serene drops Liz to the floor and reverse schoolgirl pins Ms. Ashley. Serene bounces happily as she mauls Liz’s sensitive crotch. Liz grabs Serene in a body scissors and reverses the position. While grape vining her opponent, Liz smothers Serene’s face with her breasts. Liz removes her panties and shoves them in Serene’s mouth. Liz removes Serene’s panties so she can maul her crotch more effectively. Will Liz be able to revenge her loss to Serene? One would certainly hope so, that way we will get to see the rubber match. You are going to love this gripping fight between two blonde hotties.

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