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Time/Size: 17 min / 411 MB

Tia Kia, is such a sexy Asian beauty, no wonder so many have fallen in love with this petit beauty and if you haven’t fallen yet get ready because when she walks out topless in her tight panties and puts on that red dress she finds in her living room, well, she is stunning but she’s not done, no she does a real sexy dance – a long sexy dance till she gets a phone call from another sexy Asian, Christy Love and Christy tells her how she planted the dress and it is laced with a chemical that will severely tighten till it suffocates her… and that’s exactly what it does as she squirms and writhes in her hot red dress till Christy comes in and decides to finish off. Christy takes off the red dress and puts Tia in a skull crusher leg scissors combo that proves to be just too much… oh did I mention Sexy Christy comes in with only her skimpy bottoms on, showing off that beautiful hard body as she attacks the depleted beauty. Doesn’t last quite 20 minutes so we decided to give it to you for a discounted price — gotta love these sexy Asian belles !!!!!!

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