Christina Carter vs. Miko Sinz


DT-1407-02 / Time: 21 Minutes / Size: 498 MB

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Gut punch baby, who can take the better shot — see that belly shake as a hard blows collide with soft flesh. Christina Carter is sure her belly is stronger than Miko Sinz, only one way to find out: a brutal belly blasting battle. Christina draws the first flesh, then they trade gut blasts until the gorgeous Asian winds up with a windmill wallop that has Christina reeling, and she takes advantage with a series of bombs. Oh no, Christina is in the corner and that belly flesh is dancing to Miko’s beat and I do mean beat. On the ground the pounding continues, now up close we see those knuckles leave their imprint on soft flesh as the air is forced from her. Dominance becomes Miko, she glows with each blistering bash. From behind, on the canvas, in the corner, on her knees, crawling — in every possible way poor Christina gets pounded and you will be up close watching all that gut flesh vibrate. It’s one hell of a beat down, those blows are so hard they knock Christina’s breast out of her bra, now both belly and breast flesh shake with each bash. So get ready because this is one hell of a BEAT DOWN !!!!!!


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