Erika Jordan vs. Christina Carter


DT 1411-01 / Time: 20 Minutes / Size: 476 MB

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This is the ultimate Double Trouble boxing championship match. Today, the heavy weight champion, Christina Carter, is taking on the lightweight champion, Erika Jordan. This catch weight bought will decide who truly is the greatest pound for pound champion. Christina bounces in her corner as she loosens up for the fight. Her large breasts jiggle. She is wearing nothing but a pair of shiny silver bikini bottoms. Erika drops her robe and speaks in German to the camera and her foe across the ring. Erika is also putting her breasts on display. She stretches and flexes for her audience and to intimidate Christina. Christina laughs and confidently strides to the center of the ring. The bell rings and Christina takes control of the fight. A few straight rights later and Erika is staring up at the ceiling from her back. Erika makes it up before the ten count, but just barely. This won’t be the first knock down. Erika simply can’t handle Christina’s power. After the first couple of rounds it looks like Christina might be too much for Erika to handle. However, after the 5th round, Erika gets a second wind and Christina seems to have swung herself out. Christina gasps for air as Erika lands dozens of wicked body shots. Christina falls back into the turnbuckle. Erika unloads combo on top of combo. Erika and Christina’s breasts bounce like there’s an earthquake. Christina drops to the mat. With a ten count eminent, Christina is saved by the bell. Will the heavy weight champ beat her smaller opponent or can Erika pull out an underdog upset?


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