Serene Siren vs. Kimber Woods


DT-1407-03 / Time: 25 Minutes / Size: 612 MB

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Kimber Woods is a new babe and Serene Siren is going to show her the ropes, literally. First Serene leads Kimber into the living room where she strips her and admires her stout body, yes Kimber has a lot of meat in all the right places, that firm ass carries enough size to make one look twice. Serene stretches her over the couch as she strokes her petit pert breasts then leads her to the ring where she oils her up then strings her up with ropes to the ceiling and strokes her oiled body, Serene even suspendes her own arms so Kimber can stroke her body. They go back to the mat where more oil gets them aroused as the blonde starts to bend the brunette in all kinds of stretched positions where she can stroke her tits, rub her crotch, kiss her and her tits — so aroused she makes Kimber stretch her lean body and stoke her. So erotic to watch these ladies put each other in amazing holds where they can sex each other up. So many stretching holds and all with erratic intent as they stroke their oiled bodies till they are so tuned on they may explode… AND THERE IS EVEN MORE !!!!!!!


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