Erika Jordan vs. Cindy Starfall


DT 1409-01 / Time: 30 Minutes / Size: 712 MB

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The adorable Cindy Starfall is stretching in the DT wrestling ring wearing nothing but some white cotton panties. Erika Jordan is lounging in the corner pretending to be on her cell phone. The ladies are waiting for their match to start. While Cindy has her back turned in a deep hamstring stretch, Erika leans over and pours something into Cindy’s water cup. Before the match begins, Cindy saunters over to the corner and takes a big swallow of her water. The bell rings and the topless ladies meet in the center of the ring. Erika is stunned as Cindy takes control. Cindy toys with Erika. Erika’s hopes drop as she realizes it may take longer than she thought for whatever she put in Cindy’s water to kick in. Erika is an extremely dirty fighter. She sucker punches and takes every chance to use illegal holds against her smaller opponent. Over and over again Cindy forces Erika to submit. Cindy laughs and demeans Erika. Erika screams as Cindy applies pressure to an arm bar. Will the drugs kick in before Erika is defeated or will this be the most embarrassing loss in Erika Jordan’s career? If you are interested in finding out, then you must check this video out!