Prinzzess & September Reins

HD DOWNLOADABLE MATCH (1 Topless model, 1 nude)

DT 1418-01 / Time: 31 Minutes / Size: 733 MB

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This video begins with a slow panning shot of Prinzzess. She is tied to the ropes, topless, and blindfolded. She is scared and confused. September Reins enters the room and slinks into the ring. She has a wicked smile on her face as she paces the ring. Prinzzess hears something. “Who’s there? Who is that? Where am I?” she says. The fear is audible in her voice. September says nothing, but grabs Prinzzess by the back of the head and plants a giant wet kiss on her lips. September explains that Prinzzess’ enemy, Misty, paid September to kidnap Prinzzess, dominate her, and discipline her. Prinzzess immediately resists by pulling on her bound hands and cursing her capturer. A strong slug to he gut shuts Prinzzess up and stops her pointless defiance. Once Prinzzess calms down and is following directions better, September unties her and challenges her to a no holds barred match. Prinzzess looks horrified, but she really has no option but to agree. At first, Prinzzess holds her own. She takes control and school girl pins September. However, September soon regains her power and begins to torment Prinzzess. September holds Prinzzess in an arm bar until she is screaming and her arm is near breaking. The video ends with Prinzzess being stripped nude, tied and chained to the turnbuckle, and sensually tortured.