Prinzzess vs. Septmeber Reigns


DT 1423-03 / Time: 23 Minutes / Size: 535 MB

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Prinzzess is going to show September Reins the ropes of wrestling, now September didn’t mean literally see the ring ropes but that’s exactly what the blonde did, oh yes she showed her the ropes up close and personal as she soon has this black beauty over the top rope, first with her arms behind her back and neck on rope, then stretched in several pain filled positions. This is just the beginning of total destruction as soon Prinz is outside the ring pulling those sleek dark legs of September as she slams her into the ring post and slugs her vulnerable area, then back in the ring she rides her till she falls into a back splitting camel clutch — and this isn’t even five minutes in. This is not the way September wants to be trained but she is seeing a lot of extreme positions, like when Prinzzess sits atop September and uses her toes to tweak her nipples then chokes her with her feet… fabulous. I don’t know if September will ever get in a ring again, this is more pain than anyone should have to endure especially such a sweet young beauty — extreme domination !!!!!