Tia Kai vs. Skylar Rene


DT 1418-03 / Time: 21 Minutes / Size: 487 MB

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Tia Kia is such a gorgeous Asian doll as she lies on bed, Skylar Rene comes in and we get such a great view of her splendid ass, takes up the whole screen and we love it. Skylar wants Tia to do some work but the petit belle has no interest in labor — Sky decides to teach her a lesson as upon her she leaps, butt to butt she bounces on the little one. Then comes the laughing torture, she tickles her armpits then rolls her over so Tia is face up and proceeds to tickle her as she splits her legs, she makes too much noise so Skylar covers her mouth. This is just the beginning as big Sky tickles her from all kinds of controlling holds, then takes Tia’s top off so she can go after her breasts, and even takes her own top off to cover her face. If all this controlled tickling wasn’t enough she rams her feet into Tia’s face, standing over her so she can get some real leverage she steps on her, then forces her feet even deeper… then there’s the pillow smother and… well you get it —— big girl control — tickling torture and more !!!!!!