Tiny Texie vs. Sinn Sage


DT 1419-01 / Time: 22 Minutes / Size: 479 MB

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So I saw her out in the parking lot and just thought one of the women had brought her little daughter but when she came in I realized she was one of the wrestlers! One of the tiniest wrestlers ever, thus her name Tiny Texie – you will not believe how tiny this little lady is but while diminutive she is very beautiful and very game, she put an add in for a wrestler of her size but who shows up, Sinn Sage. Sinn towers over Tiny but believe it or not Texie is willing to fight her. Both beauties start out topless and Sinn of course uses her huge size advantage to throw TT around like her little doll, but watch out because this little doll is very smart and much stronger than she looks, every time Sinn is about to squish her petit foe Texie bites or tickles Sinn causing her to lose her hold but soon enough she is throwing her doll around again, she whips her from side to side then over her head and to the mat where she drops her whole big body on, then drops her big beautiful booty on her face but it doesn’t just cover Tiny Texie face no, it covers half her body! And even after all this destruction Tiny T secures some incredible chokes, surprising the hell out of Sexy Sinn. You just got to see this match, it is amazing and so entertaining… without a doubt we will be seeing a lot more of this teeny, tiny, treasure because she is soooo much fun – ya gotta see it !!!!!!