Nyssa Nevers vs. Christina Carter


DT 1419-02 / Time: 22 Minutes / Size: 506 MB

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Nyssa Nevers is not one of your normal Asian beauties, no this full-figured beauty is no petit Asian she is a Rubenesque brunette and of course she is one of Buck’s girls, yes Buck is back at it again – he has so many women and eventually they collide, oh boy do they collide. So Christina Carter comes expecting Buck but finds this beautiful Asian also waiting for Buck – I got a feeling Buck may be setting these girls up, yes I think he enjoys them fighting for him and we should thank him because we get to watch these wild women going crazy on each other. Both dressed in sexy outfits but soon are ripping at these tight fitting dresses as they literally tear them from their voluptuous bodies. Soon they are naked and bashing those big breasts together as they vie for big Buck, from breasts to crotches they attack as they throw each other across the room – biting those big butts and big boobs and yes even sinking those pearly whites into their tender pussies. All this soft skin colliding as they roll across the carpet then smash their breasts together, wild – wild women and this is no petit Asian, no this is one big beautiful babe that you are going to love !!!!!!