Olivia Austin vs. Christina Carter


DT 1421-03 / Time: 24 Minutes / Size: 555 MB

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Some of the biggest and best breasts in the business, Christina Carter and Olivia Austin and they are determined to see who has the best breasts as they batter, pull, gouge and bounce them. First they meet in the living room and angrily strip each other naked all the while going after their large chest orbs, they roll across the carpet as they bite and strike their tender tits till a mutual breast smother takes them both out. Next they meet in the bedroom where they again rip their clothes off and again go after the tender chest flesh, across the bed they roll and battle till another breast smother decides the end. Finally they meet in the ring, this time in sexy lingerie, again they battle the chests with breast smashing bear hugs, corner bashing and great cat balling but this time they end it with some intense tribbing, sooo much breast destruction they needed three venues to decide who has the best big breasts !!!!!