Christina Carter vs. Cherie Deville


DT 1426-01 / Time: 21 Minutes / Size: 507 MB


Christina Carter is relaxing and having a cup of coffee in her kitchen when there is a knock at the door. Christina answers it to find her new neighbor, Cherie Deville. Christina invites Cherie in for a seemingly friendly conversation. The women sit in Christina’s beautiful backyard with big smiles on their faces. Within seconds, the smiles melt away and Christina is accusing Cherie of fooling around with her husband. Cherie doesn’t deny the accusation. In fact, she laughs and pulls out a stack of papers. Cherie explains that the papers are divorce papers and Christina will need to sign them. Christina flies into a rage, tells Cherie to get out, and storms back into the house. Cherie follows her into the house and the fight begins. Cherie attacks Christina from behind and rips her blouse open. With both of their shirts open, the angry women maul each other’s breasts. Christina pulls so hard on Cherie’s nipples that it looks as though they might rip off. Christina and Cherie grab and yank at one another until they lose all of their clothes except for panty hose. Just when the anger seems to be climaxing, both fighters begin to hump each other. The violence descends into a very long and creative tribadism session. You are going to have fun with this video!