Christina Carter vs. Tiny Texie


DT 1423-02 / Time: 21 Minutes / Size: 480 MB

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Are you kidding, this is the ultimate in the big and the small of it all — get ready because Tiny Texie is taking on Christina Carter, that’s right the voluptuous Christina is fighting the tiniest of Tiny. Texie actually thinks she can beat this large curvaceous veteran – topless they both come out of their corners and we see the amazing disparity of size, one is a petit beauty who barely rises to the top rope and the other is a statuesque beauty… even on her knees Christina lords over Tiny and that’s where we start with a test of strength and it’s all down hill from here as Texie finds big can definitely dominate little, not just dominate but woman-handle our mini wrestler. Christina throws her around like her little toy, you won’t believe the camel clutch, the breast smother envelopes her face, and over her head she dangles the petit one like a scarf. Both breasts and crotch get mauled by the giant, yes she does appear to be a giant next to the tiny one. Tiny is so game which only makes Christina come at her harder, dropping her whole body on the defenseless one and putting her in a killer leg scissors, she even dangles the little beauty from the ropes to continue her beating… and this is only a small part of the destruction because Tiny has a huge heart and just keeps coming… the ultimate in the big and the small of it all !!!!!!