Christine Dupre vs. Cherie Deville


DT 1425-02 / Time: 18 Minutes / Size: 416 MB

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Christine Dupre, one of the classic vets of wrestling and Cherie Deville is awed just to be in the ring with her but Christine doesn’t want this adulation, no she wants a real fight and smacks the blonde to let her know but before she can gain control Cherie reverses the momentum and begins battering the veteran, she especially goes after her breasts — what a pounding they take, pounding and gouging she shows no mercy on Christine’s bulbous chest flesh. Cherie starts in on other moves but this gives the skilled brunette her chance and she uses it to take full control, and what painful control it is, so many chokes and holds and of course she sprinkles in great breast demolition, also great stretches like ab stretch, camel clutch and a few other more involved ones but my favorite hold is when she splays Cherie over the bottom rope and then drops her plentiful tits in her face smothering our gorgeous blonde — and there is so much more after that, so get ready because Christine is here to prove she is still a force to be reckoned with — and she does it with PAIN !!!!!!