Kerri Spectrum vs Karlie Montana


DT 1426-03 / Time: 20 Minutes / Size: 479 MB


Kerri Spectrum plans on taking the belt from Karlie Montana and both are talking some boastful talk about how they are going to destroy each other, soon those plans become reality as a test of strength goes south and I mean that literally. Kerri is in control and she uses savage slugs and chokes to ruin Karli, one of the best is a standing scissor choke while she punches her breasts and gut. Karlie comes back with some killer hits of her own but it doesn’t last long and Kerri has more fabulous chokes, smothers, and blows in store till she finishes a devastated Karlie. But we are by no means done, no we are privileged to the rematch some time later and Karlie has been practicing – boy has she, now it’s her turn to deliver the pain, love when she stretches a topless Kerri between the ropes and batters her chest, and when she drops that amazing ass on Kerrie’s pretty face, well we know that will be a complete smother. These are two fabulous matches with great slugs, smothers and chokes — loaded with destructive action !!!!!!