Keri Spectrum vs. Helena Locke

HD DOWNLOADABLE Bikini Catfight Match

DT 1433-03 / Time: 22 Minutes / Size: 542 MB


Keri Spectrum is in the middle of a very sexy lingerie photo shoot when she is interrupted by Helena Locke. Keri has already stripped down to her black and red panties and bra. Helena tells Keri and her cameramen that they need to “pack up and get out.” Helena says that they had reserved the space for her photo shoot. Keri laughs at Helena. The name-calling continues until both women challenge each other to a fight in the ring. Helena undresses until she is also wearing black lingerie. Both women sport thigh high stockings and garter belts. Helena knocks Keri to the mat and takes pleasure in kicking her while she is down. Helena then strangles Keri until she passes out. With her foe incapacitated, Helena squats over Keri and drops her ass on her face. Helena puts Keri in a head scissors and follows it up by standing on her neck. Eventually, Keri gets back up to her feet and turns the tables on Helena with a snapmare. Now it is Keri’s turn to torture and belittle her helpless foe. She makes sure to take sweet revenge on her victim. The winner forces the whimpering loser to worship her feet, legs, and ass while crawling around on all fours. Check out this great catfight between two blondes in lingerie.