Serene Siren vs. Idelsy Love

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Catfight Match

DT 1436-03 / Time: 20 Minutes / Size: 467 MB


Serene Siren is a stunning blonde. This year she is nominated for a very prestigious adult film industry award. When Idelsy Love hears this she scoffs and exclaims that she “won’t vote for her.” Serene’s jaw drops as she asks, “why not?!” Idelsy explains that she won’t vote for any girl who can’t beat her in a catfight. Serene realizes that if she beats up Idelsy, she will be one step closer to winning her award. The girls remove their high heels and get down to business. Immediately they start wedgying each other. As they yank up, over and over again, the tops of their miniscule outfits fall to the side, revealing their perky breasts. Serene pulls Idelsy to the ground and begins a feverish assault of wedgies, biting, and licking that culminates in Idelsy tapping. Idelsy is stunned that she lost the first round. She rushes into the second round with newfound vigor. Idelsy pushes Serene’s head to the mat and pulls up on her panties forcing her into a beautiful face down, ass up position. Serene and Idelsy are so frantic and violent in their fighting that their outfits are pulled completely off. Eventually, they fight completely nude except for their black knee high stockings. Which of these women will have the crotch mauling power sufficient to beat her opponent and which will crumble to the pain and pressure of the DT wrestling ring?