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Match 1 -Sexy beyond sexy when Skylar Rene and Angela Sommers decide to oil themselves up and then work out some extreme stretching holds. In the dressing room they start the oil up and this is so intense as they splash and stroke the gleaming liquid all over their amazing bodies, then in the ring they continue this sexy stroking as on their knees they make every inch of those grand bodies glisten and shine. The blonde with her egg shell skin and the brunette with her bronze body – they now put each other in amazing back bends: over the ropes, over their knees, while straddling and with backs over bodies from all directions. They squirm in the oil as they slide from hold to hold all the time slowly running their hands over their sexy bodies. You have never seen Skylar like this, she is so sexy as she stretches sensuously allowing her brown body to squirm and slide and Angela has never enjoyed a match so much – it’s very evident, they both love the wet touch and the strain as they push and pull each other into these amazing holds. They don’t get sexier than this one, slow methodical and oh soooo sexy – never have their bodies looked better !!!!!!

Match 2 -Idelsy Love is an up-and-coming star in the DT circuit. Recently she has been clamoring for some tougher opponents. Sick of hearing Idelsy’s whining, Mark decides to give her what she wants. That challenge comes in the shape of Christie Stevens. The raven haired Idelsy sports a black bra and pencil skirt, while her blonde foe wears a hot pink bra and pencil skirt. The real star of this match are the steamy panty hosed face sits passed out like hot cakes. If your are into panty hose and cruel female fighting then you came to the right place because this match is down and dirty. One of these women will find herself bruised and bloody by the end of this match. Can Idelsy step up her game to topple a whole new level of difficulty? Watch to find out!

Match 3 -Erika Jordan is not about to let a newbie show her up, even if she is such a beauty, hell, all the more reason for the spunky brunette to want to make Victoria sorry for ever even thinking she could take her new bikini. In a rage Erika attacks and soon has the blonde beauty on the floor in both scissors and choke. Doesn’t take these girls long to strip their tops off and really get down to the catty in cat fight with lots of great chokes and breast mauling and both these babes have some fun breasts to maul. Don’t think Vic is only getting – no, she is doing her share of giving as she also attacks Erika’s rock hard body. Everyone wants to see if this new blond is all body or has some spunk in her and Erika can attest she is getting some spunk in her – she puts on a great grapevine and some killer body scissors. Add in some hair pulling and super on the couch destruction and we have us a wild cat fight with two wild women. Victoria could be one of the new beauties that will be a star, but we all know that Erika is already a star. Another wild cat fight with two fabulous beauties !!!!


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