Aubrey Black and Helena Locke

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Wedgie Pussy Match

DT 1439-02 / Time: 22 Minutes / Size: 532 MB


Look at those outfits, fishnet stocking all the way up to their breasts and bikini bottoms under them, very sexy but how are the girls going to get to those crotches as this is a wedgie pussy match — no problem this is Aubrey Black and Helena Locke… they will tear their way to the tender centers, then rip away the bikini bottoms and their prize awaits but before that they use the bottoms as weapons to wedgie the hell out of each other. Deep go those strings as pussy lips and butt cheeks are spread. Those sexy stockings stay on the entire match and make for some very interesting looks as each girl takes her turn at pussy destruction with the wedgies or with her bare hands, it’s best out of five submissions so we get many great positions: up against the ropes, standing, in a face-sit and so many more. Most of you know these two gorgeous battlers, so you know when Aubrey or Helena are in the ring we are going to get a battle, we are not disappointed — fishnets never looked so good !!!!!!