Celeste Star and Cali Logan

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Pantyhose Catfight Match

DT-1444-02  / Time: 25 Minutes / Size: 601


Oh boy do we miss her, Celeste Star, we haven’t seen her in so long because she hasn’t been wrestling for awhile but by luck we found a classic we had not released and were so excited we had to get it out right away and to make it even more of a classic it is with the great Cali Logan and to top it off it’s a fabulous panty hose match. We start out with a seated Celeste with short skirt and tan pantyhose, we get a lot of panning on those beautiful legs when Cali comes in with her black hose. Soon they are grabbing breasts as they fall on the couch, then back up to rub legs as they heat up till they are on the floor ripping clothes off. Eventually the shirts are ripped off as they work through sexy bras, soon pulling bras down to get to supple breasts as they roll on the floor entangling their elegant legs while their short skirts rid up showing off their great nylon clad asses. From floor to couch to back standing and all the time either pulling hair, clawing breasts or wrapping those great legs while catballing. Non stop action and so much fun seeing wild Celeste again and paired with the incredible Cali makes this a super classic !!!!!!