Christina Carter and Capri Cavanni

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Squish Match

DT-1445-03  / Time: 48 Minutes / Size: 1.1G


Christina Carter just loves squishing those little Asian beauties but when she finds out Capri Cavanni is still wrestling she goes crazy with desire, she has always wanted to squish that spunky beauty, she thinks her body would fit so perfectly under her ample curves, so when she finds out she is in the building she rushes to the back room to drag her out and up to a room she can squish her in. Capri is stunned but unable to stop the abduction, once in the front room Christina tells Capri what is in store for her but Capri laughs at her, then Christina challenges her to a breast battle and Capri accepts – tops are off and we are off to a fabulous chest smashing and for awhile Capri’s beautiful bosoms hold up very well but when Christina wraps her arms around and pulls her foe into a tight bearhug, her large tits now envelope Capri’s as they flatten under the pressure. This is just the beginning of an extremely long tortuous domination event, Capri is spunky in the beginning but by the end she is pleading for mercy. So many smashing holds, Christina sits on her chest, pancakes her, does a leg split, a head vice, head scissors, waist scissor, foot worship and then takes her to the bedroom where she starts the torture all over again. Capri even looks ravishing while being squished which spurs Christina on even more – get ready it may be more than you can handle !!!!!!