Serene Siren & Kit Mercer


DT-1446-01  / Time: 26 Minutes / Size: 612

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Serene Siren and Kit Mercer are supposed to be friends. However, it isn’t very long before their lukewarm friendship turns ice cold. They are relaxing around the house in their panties when Serene starts making back handed compliments. She says, “your legs look so nice, but I bet they aren’t very strong.” With each swipe, Kit gets more upset. Eventually, Serene suggests they settle their argument with a scissor fest. The topless blondes get down on the floor and start wrapping their limbs around one another. Serene and Kit take turns giving each other body scissors. Serene immediately has the upper hand. Her passive aggressive attacks quickly morph into merely aggressive attacks. She cackles and insults her “friend.” She yells at her opponent to get on all fours and walk like a duck, and then walk like a crab. If Kit refuses, Serene responds with punches and chokes. Serene seems overjoyed to embarrass her friend. At the peak of Serene’s cruelty, Kit reverses the hold with a head scissors. Fear begins to glow in Serene’s eye. Soon we realize that Kit has been holding back this whole time. Kit easily takes control of Serene. She makes sure to take her revenge on Serene in the form of countless head and body scissors. Strap in for one hell of a ride with 2 topless blondes with perfect figures.