Hollywood vs. Miranda


DT-1457-01  / Time: 25 Minutes / Size: 604

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Miranda is a new girl at DT. She is done up in a patent leather crop top and booty shorts, fingerless gloves, and sunglasses. Even though she looks very cool and confident, she is facing a female fighting legend today. Hollywood enters the ring and immediately gets in Miranda’s face. Hollywood is wearing a white bikini. She challenges Miranda to a test of strength. Miranda’s eyes bulge as she realizes how strong Hollywood is. Hollywood bends Miranda backwards and then mounts her. She puts Miranda in a body scissors. Hollywood gets cocky and starts explaining what the name of each move is. “This is a body scissors… This is a grape vine…” Miranda is overcome with anger, summons all of her power and reverses Hollywood. She gives Hollywood a taste of her own medicine, putting her in a body scissors. Don’t worry, Hollywood refuses to stay down for long. She soon regains control of the match. She knocks Miranda unconscious and then strips her down into her red bra and panties. Hollywood wakes up Miranda with a leg drop. She walks the woozy and fragile fighter around the ring like a puppy dog. Hollywood doesn’t let up on the gas for the rest of the match. She beats and bends her dainty Asian victim for the rest of the fight. You will truly enjoy watching the frail Miranda being tortured and manhandled by a DT legend.