Capri Cavanni vs. Hollywood


DT-1460-02  / Time: 22 Minutes / 530 MB


Capri Cavanni is standing in the ring wearing an electric blue bikini. The cameraman tells Capri that she will be facing Hollywood today. Hollywood is a legend in the sport. The cameraman asks Capri if she is nervous about fighting such an established wrestler. Capri laughs and explains that Hollywood is a “has been.” Hollywood stands on the other side of the ring. She scoffs at Capri’s disrespectful attitude. The two proud fighters meet each other in the center of the ring. They begin with a test of strength. Hollywood breaks Capri down to the mat. She folds Capri’s legs into a pretzel and sinks in a figure four leg lock. Hollywood rolls Capri over onto her stomach and adds an ankle lock to an already powerful leg lock. Capri looks completely surprised by Hollywood’s vast wrestling knowledge. Resignation sets in and Capri submits to a grapevine pin. Hollywood stands over Capri in an American flag bikini with a giant smile on her face. The second round begins. Capri comes out swinging. She blitzkriegs Hollywood into the turnbuckle and lands multiple tit punches. Capri catches Hollywood in a head scissors and doesn’t let it go. Could this be the fall of Hollywood? Will her legendary career be ended today or will she defeat her young attacker?