Miranda vs. Hollywood


DT-1464-01  / Time: 24 Minutes / 588 MB

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Miranda is a dainty Asian wrestler. She is wearing a small black leather bikini on her slight frame. She smiles at the camera as she recounts her last fight. Miranda swears that she has been dispatching DT veterans with ease. Today she is facing Hollywood, one of the most decorated fighters to ever step in the ring. Miranda is not taking Hollywood as a serious threat. When Hollywood hears this, she sees red. The fight begins and Hollywood immediately bear hugs Miranda. Hollywood doesn’t even break a sweat as she manhandles Miranda’s delicate torso. Miranda is helpless to keep Hollywood from putting her in a number of unique and painful holds. Miranda fights for air in a standing inverted headlock. Her yelps weaken as she loses consciousness. Hollywood laughs as she lays her petite victim’s body on the mat. The camera pans slowly over Miranda’s still body as Hollywood steps her shoe on Miranda’s chest and counts a ten count. The bell rings for the second round and Miranda rushes Hollywood. Hollywood is far too crafty to be surprised by such an immature move. She slips out of the way and lets Miranda smash her face into the turnbuckle. Hollywood again takes control of the action. With Miranda in a chicken wing, Hollywood puts her hand over Miranda’s mouth and with methodical control she deprives Miranda of air until she is passed out cold. Are you in the mood to watch a beautiful legend like Hollywood completely dismantle a pretty young upstart? Then you have to watch this steaming hot video!