Aidra Fox vs Milana Ricci and Audrey Miles

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Domination Match

DT-1458-02  / Time: 23 Minutes / 537 MB

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The Chain Gang is back, damn we love this series, this is one hell of a hot gang and they only want the hottest of girls, not just to be in the gang but as their victims.  Aidra Fox in her skin tight black body suit corners the boss of the gang in his lair, she has him – no it’s a trap and two of his gang; Milana Ricci and Audrey Miles leap upon her and begin a savage beat down.  To the wall they take her for an overwhelming assault on her gut, slug after slug till she passes out and they strip her naked.  The boss tells her if she can beat his gang girls she can go free so it’s to the ring for one hell of a battle, but before the battle Aidra is allowed to stretch, and how wonderful it is to see this nude beauty stretch that amazing body – worth it all right there.  Audrey is first to go after the nude beauty and it’s a wild brawl as each girl gives as good as she gets but just when Aidra starts battering the beautiful brunette Milana takes over and now it’s her turn to battle and a battle it is, Aidra may be exhausted but she isn’t about to quit and each punches and rolls hard but still Aidra fights hard — so hard in fact that the girls team up on her and wow is this hot.  The double teaming is spectacular, one pulls her arms from outside of the ring while the other pounds her gut then mangles her breasts. On the mat they split her with a double bow and arrow, one applies a figure four leg lock and the other stretches her arms, then holding her arms over head they both thump her tummy, next they stretch her over the ropes and both spank her firm ass AND SOOOO MANY MORE FABULOUS HOLDS.  So get ready because the CHAIN GANG is back and you will love em !!!!!!