Alyssa Reese vs Barbie Malibu

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Catfight Match with pro holds

DT-1458-03  / Time: 23 Minutes / 534 MB

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Boy do we love Alyssa Reese, she moved to Europe and everyone was so upset, but now we have her fighting in our Euro division and we are so happy.  Today she takes on a beautiful blonde, Barbie Malibu, now Barbie has fought before, but not much; and Alyssa is a veteran so this should be interesting.  First they stretch out, as we get a rear shot of the brunette and her ass is as amazing as ever. It gets even better because next they both strip naked – Euro girls just love to wrestle nude, they love the freedom they feel with their clothes off.  This turns out to be a great match, Barbie gets a great body scissor on early and takes the wind out of her opponent, but Alyssa comes back hard with a killer ab stretch.  After each hold they have great lock ups and we get a good look at their incredible bodies as their muscles strain, both these babes have amazing figures and watching their bodies maneuver is a real treat.  Another wonderful treat is when Alyssa lays her fabulous body on top of the blonde for a spectacular grapevine — her ass strains to separate her sleek legs and expose her middle.  We get a great look at Barbie when Alyssa stretches her over her shoulders. What a beauty! We will be seeing a lot more of her in future matches.  Now Alyssa does gain control, but Barbie gets in a killer figure four which goes directly into a leg splitter and this is where the bodies and the pain are on high display.  Beautiful naked women, fabulous holds — this is why we sooooo love the Euro matches !!!  Alyssa is back !!!!!!