Aidra Fox vs. Serene Siren

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight Match

DT-1459-02  / Time: 22 Minutes / 521 MB

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I have so grown to love these, a weapons fight – yes two gorgeous female gladiators in an ultimate battle for survival.  This is one of the best ever because we have two extraordinary combatants: Aidra Fox and Serene Siren.  They are practicing to get ready for their role in an upcoming movie but they take it so serious as they get lost in the battle and you will believe the knives are real.  They are topless with just strings for bottoms, so exciting watching their muscles strain as closer and closer comes that final thrust, then finally into a soft breast it goes causing one beauty to writhe in final pain.  Then back at it all over again, each time they seem to strive even harder, from the couch they roll to the floor as they push and pull to keep that blade from their tender skin.  Their amazing bodies never looked so hot and in so many contorted positions.  It’s just like we are transported in time back to an era of Amazon women as each fights for her tribe, straining with every muscle in their feminine frames to win for all her tribe. The heavy breathing as even their asses flex with the tension of this sustained battle. These two are the new generation of DT women and you will not find a better venue to show them off, so if you have never purchased one of these weapon fights, this is the one — you will love it !!!!!!