Misty Stone vs. Ember Snow

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight Match

DT-1462-01  / Time: 28 Minutes / 671 MB

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Misty Stone has just found out that her man is flirting with someone else. Misty does some investigation and finds out that Ember Snow is the girl. Misty can’t wait to get her hands on Ember. Ember is wearing a leather bikini and fingerless gloves. She tells the camera that Misty hasn’t been giving her man what he needs and that’s why he went looking elsewhere. Ember giggles as she talks about taking Misty’s man. Misty has a hot temper and can’t listen to any more. She takes her dress off, revealing a red and blue bikini. As Ember is explaining how her tits are bigger than Misty’s, Misty attacks Ember from behind. She applies a rear naked choke that shuts Ember up. Misty chokes Ember until she is on the edge of passing out. Quickly, Misty eases up and slaps Ember in the face to bring her back a little bit. Misty savors every minute of the punishment she is dealing out. She trash talks Ember constantly, all the while knocking Ember out and then reviving the delirious young woman. Misty finishes the match by tying the topless Ember up and writing insults on her quivering body.