Misty Stone vs. Liz Ashley


DT-1467-02/ Time: 25 Minutes / 597 MB


Liz Ashley is a cocky young fighter. She is wearing a thong and thigh high stockings. Her breasts are bare as she talks to the camera. She shows the camera the yellow bikini she pulled off of Misty Stone’s unconscious body when they fought the last time. This yellow bikini was her trophy and she is proud to show it off. Misty comes flying into the ring in a smoking hot rage. “You trashy bitch!” she screams at Liz. Misty accuses Liz of posting her trophy all over social media. Misty is going to put an end to the cyberbullying today. Misty is also topless and sporting a sexy pair of thigh high stockings. Liz and Misty start by pushing each other around the ring. Quickly, they grab one another by the front of their panties. They fall into the ropes as they mutually front wedgy each other. Misty bends Liz over her knee. She spanks a moaning Liz as she wedgies her. Liz turns the tables via a chicken wing. She reaches around and repeatedly applies a frontal wedgy on a squealing Misty. It looks as though Liz broke Misty’s arm, but that isn’t enough to even slow down the match. Liz peels off Misty’s pink thong and starts mauling Misty’s delicate milk chocolate crotch. If you are in the mood to watch two beauties destroy one another’s nether regions for over 25 minutes, then you need to see this video.