Milana vs. Serene

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Apartment Sex Fight

DT-1462-02  / Time: 19 Minutes / 440 MB


I have been so waiting for these two sexual dynamos to get together, yes Milana Ricci and Serene Siren have become two of our hottest new stars, so getting them together was a must but when Serene fooled around with Milana’s husband it was on.  Oh and with these two getting it on means getting it on sexually, that’s right they want a sex fight and to make it even more intense Milana’s husband will be there to watch.  It all starts with a hot phone call and challenge, then we see each as they get ready, one dresses and the other undresses.  They meet and it’s on right away as Milana in her tall boots pins the hot blonde to the wall then wraps her leans legs around the blonde’s neck till breathless.  Now naked they get to the sex with a wild tribbing contest to see who can get an orgasm, pussies rub together as each rides hard to climb to that climax.  From wet pussies we go to extended breast ravaging, those soft tits get pulled, twisted, squeezed, bent, and the nipples, oh they get the worst of it all.  It all ends when one gets underneath the other and uses her mouth to make her worn out foe orgasm, a climax that will finish this sex fight.  We got them together and you will be ecstatic we did !!!!!!