Tylene Buck vs. Christina Carter


DT-1463-01  / Time: 26 Minutes / 657 MB


Tylene smiles over her shoulder. She pops her butt out for the camera. Her photo-shoot is going very well. She is happy to finally get a little bit of time in the spotlight. However, her biggest rival, Christina Carter is not going to let Tylene’s happiness last for very long. She stomps into the ring challenging Tylene to a fight. Tylene is more than willing to fight. She agrees that the winner of a round can only be decided by stripping the loser naked. Christina starts fighting immediately. She knocks Tylene back and then bends her over while wedgying her. Tylene’s plump ass bobs up and down. Christina shows her killer instinct. She doesn’t give Tylene any chance for rest. When Tylene collapses to the floor, she jumps on her and applies an over the knee back breaker. Just when Tylene is gasping for air, Christina sits on her face. Christina slowly peels Tylene’s panties off. She slaps Tylene with her sweat soaked panties as she explains that the first round goes to Christina. Tylene lumbers back to her feet and takes control of round two. She slaps a chicken wing on Christina with one arm and mauls Christina’s large breasts with the other. Tylene also removes Christina’s panties. With the match tied, the women fight even more ferociously. These two nude beauties fighting one another will hypnotize you.