Aidra vs. Serene

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Weapons Match

DT-1465-02/ Time: 20 Minutes / 480 MB

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Here it is, I have so been waiting for this one; the second half of the Serena Siren Aidra Fox weapons match 1459-03.  That first part was so hot, so many of you took my advice and ordered that wild match and now everyone is anxious to see the outcome.  We start mid action as Serene crouches then thrusts her firm body at her brunette partner, their bodies strain and each tries to prevent the other from sinking her knife in deep – they do a beautiful weapons dance holding then pulling and finally up against the wall Serene pins her —— seeing this you know why you wanted this video, both bodies are silhouetted against the white wall and the true magnificence of these feminine masterpieces is apparent.  Eventually Aidra turns Serene against the wall as each takes her turn at dominance then finally one gets just enough strength and plunges ultimate destruction in deep, the victim squirms and writhes in agony as thrust after thrust sinks in.  Finally they recover and we start it all over again because while they are just practicing for a role in a movie they both take it so serious, each gives her all and it makes for one hell of a video.  Watching these two struggle in this dynamic way is such a delight, from room to room the fight takes them, from bed to floor.  I love these two and so will you – they are a work of art !!!!!!