Liz Ashley vs. Misty Stone

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Ring Catfight Match

DT-1474-01/ Time: 23 Minutes / 544 MB


You just gotta love these two, both have hot mouths that spew the venom and both love to go body on body — and with these bodies we get such a vivid contrast; Liz Ashley has ivory white skin and blonde hair while Misty Stone has beautiful brown skin and jet black hair, when these two bodies roll it’s a thing of beauty.  And to make those bodies even more fun they start out with the cutest of skimpy school girl skirts showing off those fulsome butts and thankfully they keep them on for awhile as Misty plants that amazing ass on Liz’s chest smashing her sweet tits, then going for that vulnerable pussy and ass with savage wedgies.  Liz gets her chance too and it’s especially grand when they are both nude and Liz puts Misty over the middle rope and makes her ride it, working over her pussy and then goes after her breasts —— lots of great breast destruction in this match as they constantly go after breasts and pussies.  Naked and wild the contrasting beauties put on one hell of great show  !!!!!!