Liz Ashley vs. Idelsy Love

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Catfight Match

DT-1478-01/ Time: 21 Minutes / 510 MB


Liz Ashley is topless. Her long blonde hair hangs over her left shoulder covering her nipple. She has a ridiculously small schoolgirl skirt and high heels on. She is pissed that her sugar daddy has been spending his money on some other girl. She says she is going to beat this other girl’s ass and leave her in the ring naked and humiliated. She turns around and shows her shapely ass peaking out from underneath her skirt. Idelsy Love enters the ring wearing the exact same outfit at Liz. She doesn’t seem intimidated by Liz. They step toward each other and grab at one another’s thongs. They tug and pull each other around the ring. Liz throws Idelsy into the corner. She bends down and pulls Idelsy’s skirt off. Idelsy resists at first, but is overcome by the pain of the wedgy that Liz applies to her. Liz takes Idelsy to the mat and then reverse school girl pins her. With her plump ass in Idelsy’s face, Liz continues with her frontal wedgies. This seems to have shaken the cobwebs off of Idelsy. She gets off the mat with renewed vigor. She strips the skirt off of Liz and then uses a chicken wing to put her on her back. Liz and Idelsy fight furiously. They are sick of their cumbersome thongs getting in the way, so they pull them off and fight in the nude. This epic catfight is going to be an instant classic.