London Rivers vs. Star 9

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Catfight Match

DT-1478-02/ Time: 25 Minutes / 592 MB


That Star 9 is so much more that just a beautiful face, she is one super tough lady – we saw her once take the slugging of three girls, a beating few could withstand.  So when she finds out one of her friends has been mistreated by London Rivers, she wants revenge.  Of course London won’t know how tough she is so London will jump at her challenge because the robust blonde loves beating on smaller girls.  Finally they meet at the ring and after both ladies tell how they are going to beat the other they decide to water their bodies down, so glad they did as now both these fabulous feminine figures shine.  The fight begins with a sustained test of strength, both topless bodies strain in this gorgeous visual, then to the mat where they crawl like cats.  Finally London applies a body scissors, her shapely bronze legs strain around Star’s trim ivory waist, but when Star escapes she teaches London how to apply some killer scissors to both waist and neck – her sleek strong legs suck the life out of London.  London wants more but now they fight in a bare fisted slug fest.  London soon learns how tough Star is as the sleek beauty lets her slug away at her gut, now it’s Star’s turn and this is a beating London won’t soon forget – her bruises won’t let her forget, mostly to the gut but some head slams.  Ouch — a beating London will long remember !!!!!!