Idelsy Love vs. Angela Sommers

HD DOWNLOADABLE Lift and Carry Match

DT-1479-03/ Time: 20 Minutes / 417 MB


Lift and carry, lift and carry, they go together like a horse and carriage… yes they do go together and make for one fun match.  Even a bigger treat, we found this match from years ago when Angela Sommers was still wrestling and she is with Idelsy Love, both beauties are wearing classic small black dresses that shows off their super sexy legs and asses.  Both talk about how much fun it is to lift and carry and with this the much bigger blonde picks up Idelsy in bear hugs, then she puts her arm through the brunette’s crotch and lifts her easily high — we are off to a lift and carry extravaganza. So sexy watching this big beautiful blonde pick up her smaller partner and carry her about, she cradles Idelsy showing off that sexy ass as her dress pulls up to her waist and gets twirled about.  On the edge of the couch Idelsy stands so Angela can get her on her shoulders in many different ways, yes she carries her in so many different ways with over twenty five lifts.  Watch Idelsy’s sexy legs wave at us as she is carried about, so sexy.  LIFT AND CARRY, LIFT AND CARRY, goes together with a sexy carriage !!!!!!