Match 1 -Fists, water, wild outfits and great holds, oh and two gorgeous ladies; Randy Moore and Erika Jordan dressed in very long skirts and tank tops and before they even start they dump water all over each other, then Erika backs the big blonde into the corner where she pummels her with blows to gut, breasts and face knocking blondie out, whereupon our feisty brunette dumps more water, waking up the sleeping beauty. Now it’s her turn to take over in the corner, she batters the face then goes down and drops bombs on the gut and finishes with savage blows to the breasts. More slugs and more water till a choke hold makes Erika the first to tap and now she has to take off an article of clothing, the long skirt come off reveling some very sexy black lingerie. Back to fighting till Erika now chokes Randy out and after waking her up with water Randy takes off her skirt to reveal her sexy garter belt and stockings. Little by little each girl gets stripped and finally we are left with two fabulous topless beauties doing all kinds of holds on the mat and standing till one is finally choked out and left hanging over the rope. Wild wet women – YES !!!!

Match 2 -We watch both women enter the house, rear views give us good looks at their great asses in those tights, so much fun to watch Ariel X and Kymberly Jane. Kimberly is bringing her laundry over to her boyfriend’s house and Ariel is waiting for her, it’s time to find out who gets the guy and the only proper way to do that is fight for him. Soon they are rolling around on the couch pressing each other over the edge when they decide to take the fight outside. Once outside they strip off the tights to the nylons underneath and take their tops off, then they decide to oil each other up before the fight and we are treated to some very sensous oil smathering as each rubs it all over the other so when they start the battle it is so much fun, they slide across each other as in vain they strive for holds, focusing on the breasts then to body pins, then we are treated to oiling up their beautiful butts and some fabulous very oily bear hugs and of course great tribbing. Soaked with oil they glide across each other then they slam those hot wet bodies together till one lady can take no more – so sexy watching these two slippery combatants !!!!

Match 3 -Oh those super sexy sling shot bikinis, Celeste Star and Angela Sommers bring out the best in these skimpy suits. Our hot tempered brunette is very angry at how late her opponent is, she savagely kicks the turnbuckle as she readies for the hot blonde. Soon a large red and white boot is kicking her in the butt, actually between the cheeks where it really hurts, Angela takes her down and decides to put that foul mouth to good use as she pulls the bottoms of her suit over so when she facesits her she can receive full pleasure – Celeste thinks differently and is soon sinking her teeth deep into the blondes tender pussy. Now it’s the hot blooded ones turn for revenge as she goes to town on the blondes tender center, kicks, stomps, claws, ropes, ring poles, and even some sexual pleasing with soft stroking. Angela gets another turn as we have a mutual crotch grab but when Angel’s beautiful ripe breast pop out of her suit Celeste can’t help but target them too – then back to the crotch attack – so sexy are these two vengeance seekers !!!


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