London River & Kit Mercer

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight Match

DT-1482-03/ Time: 20 Minutes / 488 MB

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London River and Kit Mercer are big titted blondes. One has a short pixie haircut, while the other has long flowing hair. Today they sit with an arbitrator so they can put their legal issues to rest. Just before they are about to sign the final paper work to put their argument to bed, a fight breaks out. The women decide to take their fight outside. They meet at the DT ring. Their blouses are now unbuttoned and they have already removed their pants. Kit says there will be no rules for this fight. London agrees, but adds that they should remove their tops. Both girls now have their large breasts on full display. Before they begin fighting they spray each other down . Their golden bodies glisten as each girl takes a turn rubbing the liquid into the supple skin of her foe. It is hard to tell if they want each other or if they want to beat each other up. The bell rings and they stand face to face. London and Kit are now pressing their nipples together. It looks as though they are about to kiss. Just before their lips touch, Kit shoves London and laughs. The mood becomes decidedly less erotic. Kit mounts London and holds her down as she breast smothers London. London bucks Kit off, but this puts Kit in the perfect position for a stomach scissors. Eventually, London escapes and traps Kit in the turnbuckle. London throws a storm of right and left crosses at Kit’s head. Kit crumbles to the mat. This is a steamy catfight between two blondes with hourglass figures. You must be crazy if you aren’t interested in this video!