Kianna Dior and London River vs Milana Ricci and Erika Jordan

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Tag Team Boxing Match

DT-1486-01/ Time: 27 Minutes / 633 MB


Sooo much in one match, four gorgeous topless babes: Kianna Dior and London River vs Milana Ricci and Erika Jordan, all in bottoms so skimpy they may as well be nude. Both pairs talk strategy and trash in their corners, London and Kianna plan on using their size and the other two feel they have speed on their side. Erika and London are the first two hitters and the hits come fast and furious, London hits hard but the speed of Erika proves to have the edge, she smacks those big tities making them bounce around the ring. Next Kianna goes after Milana and again speed trumps power finding the curvaceous babe crawling on the floor but London comes in to give Milana a good thumping until Erika comes to the rescue. Back and forth they batter amazing bodies, in the corners guts are slammed and chests punched till finally two take control and double team each loser with savage holds and continuous punching, and punching with gloves isn’t good enough, no these babes have to take their gloves off so they can hit them better. This is double team hitting that takes these feminine bodies to their extreme… hell this whole boxing bout is extreme; four girls and twenty seven minutes of body slammin’ mayhem !!!!!!