Star 9 vs. Ashley Lane

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Wrestle/Catfight Match

DT-1492-03/ Time: 27 Minutes / 643 MB

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We are blessed with two of the most beautiful thin babes we have ever seen: Star 9 and Ashley Lane, wow, when they wrap their long lean legs around thin waists – it is a thing of beauty.  Ashley invites Star over to challenge her to a fight in the ring and the winner gets her way sexually with the loser.  When they meet Star eagerly accepts the challenge and both are so motivated they get topless so they can enjoy each others beautiful breasts.  The next day they meet for the match in the ring. topless they decide to spray each other before the fight, seductively they rub liquid over their lean muscles.  The fight starts with a long test of strength showing off their amazing bodies and then we are surprised by Ashley’s taking over with a prolonged waist scissor followed by a camel clutch that not only stretches that willowy frame but chokes Star out.  Ashley is so cocky with the win she taunts Star by again spritzing her body and rubbing her sexy breasts.  But never count Star out, she is as tough as she is beautiful, and even though Ashley gets in some amazing holds Star has a number of killer holds in her arsenal, ending with a figure four waist scissor with a choke – and watching Ashley struggle in this one is worth everything.  So who wins the last fall?  Let me just say Ashley’s grapevine is so wonderful, those legs and that ass stretching a real Star but number 9 has some devastating slugs that will truly test Ashley’s gut. We so love this one, if you like lean beauties and a great fight — you got to get this one !!!!!!