Lana Violet vs Ariel X

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Kickboxing Match

DT-1499-01/ Time: 24 Minutes / 544 MB

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This kickboxing match features Lana Violet and Ariel X. The video opens with Lana handing a wad of cash to the referee. They exchange glances and then nod to each other. The next scene begins and we are in the ring. The women are topless, but they are wearing kickboxing trunks and boxing gloves. The bell rings and these beautiful girls go at each other. Ariel has a tight and well-muscled physique. Lana is more petite with dark, island girl skin and perky tits. They begin exchanging blows. Ariel knocks Lana down first with a straight right. Lana quickly gets back to her feet. They both switch tactics and begin to attack the legs. The low kicks are ferocious. Lana and Ariel’s calves begin to swell. Lana catches Ariel with a hook that puts her on her back. Ariel pops back up immediately. She is pissed, she throws a front kick to Lana’s midsection. Lana stumbles backwards into the turnbuckle. Ariel proceeds to unleash a barrage of punches and kicks on Lana. The camera angle changes and we actually get to see from Lana’s point of view. A topless Ariel is throwing countless heavy strikes right at the camera. Out of nowhere the referee jumps in between the girls and not only breaks them up, but also gives Lana time to recover. Ariel is livid. She cries that they are cheating. This happens time and time again. The ref calls one of Ariel’s trips a knockdown and then he takes forever to count a ten count whenever Lana is knocked down. Will Ariel be able to overcome Lana and the ref that she paid off or will she be a victim of Lana’s dirty tricks? Watch this video to find out.