Capri Cavanni vs. Star

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Wrestling Match

DT-1512HD/ Time: 26 Minutes / 607 MB


These two topless beauties are eager to get at each other, Capri Cavanni and Star 9 are in their respective corners and as they model those amazing bodies they tell us how they are going to dominate their opponent.  Now Capri has done a lot of wrestling lately but Star has much more experience and no one is tougher than this babe, so it is quite a shock when after a long test of strength Capri gains control.  Not just control but also the domination she proposed, and when she wraps those curvaceous gams around Star’s head we see her bulbous butt bulge as she flexes her gluts.  Then a body scissor around Star’s trim waist, another head scissor and to our surprise Star taps.  Capri gloats but Star reminds her this is a best of seven fall match and she will be ready for the next fall.  Another sustained test of strength but this time Star is ready, she gains control with a back stretcher, camel clutch and a corner session with smashing blows to Capri’s sweet gut, making her large breasts quiver with each blow.  Now they each have a fall and we have a long ways to go till one of these beauties gets her victory, and during that journey we are blessed with fabulous face sits as they plant those great asses on beautiful faces.  Also so so many more dominating holds: bear hugs, Boston crabs, bow and arrows and lots of test of strengths.  Both so sexy, Star with her lean sleek beauty and Capri with her curvaceous full figure… a contrast that only adds to the spice.  So many falls and all so full of fun… you will ENJOY !!!!!!