Kianna Dior vs. Capri Cavanni


DT-1519HD/ Time: 19 Minutes / 447 MB


Kianna Dior is a busty Asian in a leopard print bikini. Capri Cavanni is a white girl with big tits and an ass to match. When the bell rings and these two start throwing punches at each other, it’s a guaranteed fireworks display. Capri’s shiny orange bikini is doing everything it can to stay on, but the fight is futile. Both girls lose their tops and their big flesh pillows swing freely as they fight. Kianna’s giant breasts cover Capri’s as she mounts her and then alternates between breast fighting and smothering Capri’s pretty face. Capri finally bucks Kianna off of her, but Kianna is quick to jump on her back and sink both hooks in. She rolls her over and starts rear naked choking Capri, who is already gasping for air. Capri gets a few shots in here and there, including a trip to the turnbuckle for some punches to Kianna’s soft tummy. Kianna recovers control with a low blow that buckles Capri’s knees. Kianna uses her big knockers every chance she gets. She drags them over Capri’s face and holds them there as the poor girl’s muffled screams turn into whispers and then completely disappear. Kianna stands over her defeated opponent with a satisfied grin. You will also have a satisfied grin if you purchase this video.