Christina Carter vs. Cherie DeVille

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Match with Boxing

DT-1550HD/ Time: 21 Minutes / 475 MB


Cherie DeVille is standing in her corner wearing her silk boxing robe, panties, and that’s it. Cherie has big bouncing tits and a big smile for the camera. She is excited to be boxing one of her greatest rivals, Christina Carter, who is standing, also topless in the opposite corner. Christina drops her robe and we see that she has an even larger set of tits on her. The women meet in the center of the ring, pressing their large areolas together as they face off. The bell rings and both women start throwing leather. At first, the exchanges seem rather even; Cherie lands a body shot and then Christina plants a right hook on Cherie’s jaw. However, soon it becomes clear that Christina is getting the better of these interactions. Christina hits Cherie with an uppercut that sends her flying 180 degrees and landing tits first against the ropes. Christina rushes her nearly downed foe and grabbing her by the shoulders, grinds Cherie’s tits against the ropes. Just when it looks like this fight might be over and Cherie might be out for the count, Cherie cheats and removes her boxing gloves. She reaches out and grabs Christina by the tits. This breast mauling catches Christina off guard and all of a sudden Cherie has regained control of the match. Will Cherie win with her dirty wrestling or will Christina and her boxing prevail? Watch this thrilling video to find out.