Goldie Blair vs. Aubrey Black

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Apartment Catfight Match

DT-1624HD/Time: 42 Minutes / 957 MB


Everyone has wanted these two and they are finally together for one hell of a wild battle, not just wild but extended – yes over forty minutes of body shattering minutes. Goldie Blair and Aubrey Black have reputations as two of the toughest wildest ladies to ever grasp female flesh so it’s no wonder they’re both agents of their countries and they have to meet to work things out – a phone call sets the secret words that make sure they are who they say they are but when they meet signals say something is wrong. Something wrong means these two need to work it out the only way they know how – with a battle royal, so get ready because they go all out. A gun is pulled but doesn’t scare these babes, they take turns smacking each other in the face then start working over the whole body, pulling hair, mauling breasts, battering bodies and eventually going to the vulnerable pussies. From one room to another, on the bed, on the floor, crawling when they could non longer walk. They live up to the reputations, the legend grows even stronger – they work over evey inch of their sexy voluptuous bodies. Toward the end they slam each other against the wall and go for hair on heads and pussies, then finally to the bed for one last prolonged pussy grab, only one lady walks away from this. And that final face is bruised beyond belief – wow what a fight — the legend grows !!!!!!