Agatha Delicious in POV


DT-1626HD/Time: 20 Minutes / 464 MB

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Today we have a special treat for you, it is a point of view match between you and Agatha Delicious. The camera is showing YOUR perspective as YOU take on that scrumptiously sexy brunette, Agatha. She is wearing a gold one piece that has cut outs to show off more of her delectable body. You tell Agatha that this fight will be “a piece of cake” because you are “a man and she is just a weak woman.” Agatha laughs and calls you “a pussy as she puts her fists up.” Just when Agatha thinks you are going to back down, you surprise her with a slug to the gut and some breast mauling. You get to see your hands reach out from behind the camera as you grab and pinch her natural tits. Agatha’s soft breasts squeeze out between your fingers and boy do they feel amazing. You finish your assault on the svelte hottie and start to walk away when she begins to laugh and insist you “haven’t even hurt” her. You turn to attack again, but she circles away and drops you to the mat. You look up at her as she stands over you looking dominant. She rains stomps down on you with her powerful feet. She bends down to punch you and you notice that her breasts have fallen out of her top. Even though you are in pain and being beaten, you can’t help but be extremely turned on. Enjoy!