Afrika vs. Serene Siren

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Ring Domination Match

DT-1634HD/Time: 21 Minutes / 488 MB

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Serene Siren is ready, the blonde vixen even has on her sexy skirt, top and heels – she is eager to wrestle and have some fun. She has been wrestling now for long enough that she feels she is ready for anything. Well anything just entered the ring and her name is Afrika, yes the one and only, larger than life – Afrika, and she is eager to introduce herself to this blonde victim. Oh no this is not what Serene signed up for and she wants to leave but the big one is having none of that, she woman handles her victim – first getting those heels off, then that top and for the skirt she has to turn the blonde upside down and tug it off. Now the fun really begins because the child in Afrika still loves to play with her dolls, especially her rag doll – she throws poor Serene over her shoulder then drops her on the mat where she can plant her feet on that ivory belly. Next she picks her up by the throat and lifts her high on the ropes where she proceeds to choke, then to a reverse bear hug that has those sweet tits bouncing off the chest and this is just the first few minutes. On and on it goes with so many fabulous lifts and carries that Serene is starting to think she can fly, but each flight ends in a crash as she is smashed to the ring or choked up high. So many inventive moves, like when Afrika pulls the blonde’s arms backwards over her head stretching her so that her chest protrudes then takes her to her knees and then over the ropes where she can’t help but take her bottoms off, it’s no wonder Afrika is working up such a sweat. The naked Serene is treated to even more fabulous lifts, carries and holds, so sexy watching Serene’s limber naked body in such contorted positions — so get ready because Serene isn’t the only one who will get carried away by this amazing video !!!!!!