Christina Savoy vs. Cassie Del Isla

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Ring Wedgie Catfight

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A new Christina, she had better be good – her name; Christina Savoy and she is one big beauty. A tall buxom blonde with some very noticeable tattoos. What a body, topless she goes nose to nose with Cassie Del Isla, her large breasts rest on top of of Cassie’s as she looks down on the beautiful Cassie. We do love new blood, especially when they are sexy blondes who are also spunky and love to get physical and taking on one of our newest and becoming one of our most popular babes and how could this French vixen not become a favorite, she is gorgeous with an amazing body and so sexy she just loves getting physical. So putting these two together was a no brainer and right from the beginning when they go for a mutual wedgie we know we have a winner, but soon Cassie’s experience takes control, she takes the tall blonde against the ropes where Cassie pulls that bikini up into her pussy, then to the floor where breasts and bottoms are attacked until our new blonde surrenders. But she learns fast and comes back with a vengeance and now it’s Cassie’s turn to feel that extreme wedgie destruction. Back and forth they go as we get a great view of our new blonde once both ladies rip their bottoms off and now they slap and twist both breasts and pussies – pinch those pussy lips till one can take no more. Get ready their is a new Christina in town and she is out to prove she is as good as… wait, no not as good as our other Christina, that would take quite a stretch but she is good and looking to be that great. So if you’re looking to see two gorgeous naked babes going hard at it — here it is !!!!!!